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Become Our Full-time Canada Web Intern

If you are a university graduate in any degree program with web development or marketing experience you are invited to apply for a full-time four month paid internship. You must be a university or public college graduate under thirty who is unemployed or underemployed. Send your resume directly to the Tour de Nuit Society.

Alberta Students Can Become Part-Time Interns


If you are a university student in any degree program or you are enrolled in a public college in the Province of Alberta you could be applying your instructional lessons to the development of public policy. Again this year we have a number of our popular internship postings in the Serving Communities Internship Program. Complete the quick SCiP registration and select the Tour de Nuit internship that interests you the most. (You only need apply for one.) If your interests lie elsewhere send your resume directly to the Tour de Nuit Society and we could be modifying an internship or project to suit you.

Interns can be any age, in any program, in any discipline; full time or part time. You can ride a bike or not. You can have great public speaking abilities or that may be a skill set left for future development. You must have excellent time management skills and function as a team player.

Get On Your Bike; Race Through Jasper

Pro_Tour of Alberta_First_Circuit_Jasper

Canada's first professional stage race has made it into the mountains - broadcasting images of one of our most iconic national parks to tens of millions around the world. The professional cyclists pass the Tour of Alberta Ride the Road colours on their first significant hill climb out of Jasper on Day Four. Any gravel shoulder wider than a lawn chair was sure to attract a crowd of enthusiastic spectators who would see the racers pass at least three times on the Athabasca Falls loop before heading up to Marmot for the stage finish. Fans arrived from many points but full motels and campgrounds meant there would be many making the Tour of Alberta a day trip from Edmonton.

Prior to the arrival of the race the route was teeming with cyclists determined to experience as much of the event as they could by riding sections of the circuit while others were just in search for the perfect site for viewing. This particular professional sport has a captivating effect on the public and the mood of pockets of spectators on the route was an infectious enthusiasm.

The Tour of Alberta is organized by the Alberta Peloton Association.

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Alberta Bike Caucus Rolls Through Provincial Election


All three members of Alberta’s nonpartisan ‘bike caucus’ were re-elected in what has turned out to be a historic election that saw the tiny New Democratic Party take the majority of seats in the May 5th provincial contest – adding 48 new NDP legislators.

Dr. David Swann, interim leader of the Liberal Party, and Ric McIver, the Progressive Conservative interim leader, both members of the Tour de Nuit Society were re-elected. Also returning is Rick Fraser the host of the recent SE Enduro Commute...Read More

Website Reboot

Welcome to the new Tour de Nuit Society webpage. We reviewing our project portfolio to prepare it for publication in the next few weeks. Having delivered on our cycle track project for Calgary (with some compromises) and done our part to complete the Legacy Trail, we are excited to be launching new opportunities promote cycling in and around Calgary.