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The Tour de Nuit internship program is the most productive in English Canada. We are the only organization that has consistently been able to affect municipal cycling policies and intern project teams are at the heart of our operations. Our first two student interns saved Calgary taxpayers $3 million (twice in one year). The Tour's government relations program is more efficient per dollar than any other industry association in Calgary.

See the video of what you are missing when you do not ride your bike. Courtesy of Halfords

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Join cyclists calling for Common Sense Bike Routes downtown
The Tour is looking for volunteers to assist on various projects includes a 40 year old dream of East-West bike lanes on 5th and 6th Ave.

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  • Blueseros are back live on the 'Ride the Road' tour by popular demand.
  • A rolling closure of major arterial roads makes the annual 'Ride the Road' tour a unique public event.

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Thank you to all those cyclists and cycling supporters who became Shell customers or more frequent Shell customers in order to participate in the FuellingChange program and vote for more people cycling more often.

Voting on the Round VI is over after six month contest period with around two million votes cast. No matter what type of cyclist you are or where you live you will be FuellingChange by giving us the opportunity to enhance and improve the Ride the Road tour and share best practices. Thank you.

Where Separated Bike Lanes Belong

In the last two years the Tour de Nuit Society have been actively campaigning with the business community to support separated bike lanes on routes consistently identified by cyclists as a priority. Bike lanes on 5th and 6th Ave south will maximize safety and introduce a new cohort to urban commuter cycling. These routes have neither been chosen by nor for the convenience of the City of Calgary's Transportation Department. TransDep staff have spent five years fighting against this logical step in an effective bike promotion program.

In November and December the TransDep published a map of downtown and the Beltline area showing 11 roads which would be getting separated bike lanes. The public feedback was predictable and a scaled back version was leaked by the Calgary Downtown Association on Feb 5, 2014, opposed to using the Stephen Ave pedestrian Mall as a temporary, non-separated bike lane. The TransDep notion was an effort to resolve how to build east-west separated bike lanes when there is no will among traffic engineers to figure out how to do it.

Former Alderman Ric McIver, now Alberta Minister of Infrastructure, determined where to put east-west separated bike lanes in twenty minutes but his proposed Council Motion was vetoed by the City Transportation Department. That was in February 2010.

Growing anxiety in the business community recently led to the formation by the City (September, 2012) of a stakeholder committee that included key business groups. (This was our 2010 request to include businesses in the public consultation for the cycling strategy.) Again, after only two meetings of this cycling super stakeholder committee meeting, bureaucrats did not like the advice that they were hearing from the stakeholders so the committee was suspended. They were being told that protected bike lanes need to be oriented East-West on 5th and 6th Ave. As history would have it that is the orientation of Calgary's downtown.

Tour de Nuit Society

The Tour de Nuit Society was formed as a member-based non-profit with the mandate of encouraging 'more people cycling more often'. We maintain an effective non-partisan government relations program − professionally representing the interests of commuter cyclists at two levels of government, as well as with institutions, stakeholders, communities and the media.

At the core of the Tour de Nuit's outreach program is a public speaker series and the 'Ride the Road' tour - an on-street, closed-road bicycle tour from distant 'burbs to and through Calgary's central business district. Despite the fun and family focus of the tour, it is Calgary's most influential cycling event. Members of the commuter cycling community have a relaxed atmosphere to pass on their passion and love of cycling to decision-makers and the public.

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