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Get On Your Bike; Join Us to Ride Through Calgary


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This is a great way to spend your Sunday morning with your family and friends or by yourself meeting new people. This is your once in a year opportunity to ride with hundreds of people on city roads. The Tour of Alberta Ride the Road Tour is ready for its seventh year stretching across the city of Calgary from North to South. There are four unique rides appropriate for cyclists of any age, skill and experience.

Have fun. Feel safe. This is not a race. Nothing epic about this ride. You will just have fun.

The Tour de Nuit Society, the organizer of the Tour of Alberta Ride the Road tour, is a community partner of the Alberta Peloton Association, which is responsible for the Tour of Alberta.

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Alberta Bike Caucus Rolls Through Provincial Election


All three members of Alberta’s nonpartisan ‘bike caucus’ were re-elected in what has turned out to be a historic election that saw the tiny New Democratic Party take the majority of seats in the May 5th provincial contest – adding 48 new NDP legislators.

Dr. David Swann, interim leader of the Liberal Party, and Ric McIver, the Progressive Conservative interim leader, both members of the Tour de Nuit Society were re-elected. Also returning is Rick Fraser the host of the recent SE Enduro Commute...Read More

Website Reboot

Welcome to the new Tour de Nuit Society webpage. We will be updating the site frequently in the coming weeks so be sure to check back for information on our rides and events, as well as opportunities to get involved with bikes in Calgary. If you have any comments or concerns about the new layout, please contact